It all began a long long time ago…

Just kidding it wasn’t that long ago, that Amelia NT. the CEO/Founder of Go Blender™ who loves to drink smoothies, but was struggling to find a fresh smoothie kiosk whenever she craved for one, it was at that moment that Amelia thought to herself, it’ll be great if she could carry a blender with her to make fresh delicious smoothies anytime she wanted.

our storySo sure enough, Amelia went home and searched online for portable blenders, and “VOILA” the search returned with so many different types and brands of portable blenders. After wasting money on many different model that couldn’t deliver what it promised, it was then she went on a journey (just a journey around the internet lol) to design a new portable blender that was powerful enough to do what it was suppose to do, blend, crush, mix. 

As a busy mother to 2 beautiful little girls, it was important to work hard to make ends meet and still had enough energy to spend time with these beautiful monsters, so Amelia had to make sure the blender was designed with busy lifestyle in mind, it needed to be compact and durable enough to carry around, it had to be portable but yet powerful, and off course it must not contain any hazardous and toxic chemical found in plastic material.  (so…some many months later)

After many trials and errors we are finally here, introducing the world’s most powerful portable blender, the Go Blender™. Made with you in mind.

Join us on a journey to a healthier better lifestyle on the go. Try it for yourself today CLICK HERE >.